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Our office is registered with the United States of America Consulate in Toronto as a Notary Public for authentication purposes. This registration will enable our clients who want to authenticate a document with the United States Consulate to skip the stage of dealing with the Ontario Govt, hence saving you time and money.

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We notarize all kinds of U.S documents on regular basis, particularly Real Estate Closing documents for purchase, sale and mortgage, time share documents. Please ensure to provide our information to your title company or your attorney prior to booking an appointment to ensure that they will accept our notarization.


We deal with U.S.A Title Insurance companies and U.S.A Attorneys/ Lawyers on regular basis to notarize real estate closing documents to be used in the United States of America. Most of the times the real estate closing documents are received by the signatory in Canada only a few days before the closing date and by that time it is too late to schedule an appointment with the U.S. Consulate. We can help you in that situation to notarize documents.

If your documents are not required to be authenticated, we can provide you with notarized documents that would be recognized for use in the United States.

Fast and friendly U.S.A Notarizations in Vaughan. Registered with United States of America Consulate in Toronto. Call today!

If you require your U.S.A documents notarized, we can help you with a fast and friendly service. Call us today at (647) 505-8585 for more information.

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